Black Friday 2018 Fitbit Versa Deals and Sales

Black Friday is recognized as a shopping festival full of deals on TVs, laptops, appliances, tools – and wearable technologies. Year-after-year we’ve seen deals and sales ads on various products on the day after Thanksgiving. Especially Fitbit watches and activity trackers, which you may be familiar with. Like every year, we are expecting to see the Fitbit Black Friday 2018 deals and discount offers this year too. The one which we have our eyes on is Fitbit brand’s new Versa watch, we expect some of the big deals on this activity tracker this year. If you are interested in a device that can automatically recognize and record exercises for you.

Yeah! Don’t worry your money will be intact. You won’t be paying too much. Because Black Friday is about saving money. And with Fitbit Versa Black Friday 2018 Sale you can save a lot of bucks too.

Check out what this activity tracker has to offer you then we will see if these deals any worth.

Fitbit Versa Review – Black Friday

When you first take a look at this watch you will think it is Apple Watch. But, there’s more this activity tracker that meets the eye. Versa has a square display – a 1.34 inch LCD screen with a pixel density of 317ppi. Not only is it smaller than Apple watch but also from Fitbit Iconic. The battery life is better than the Iconic Fitbit. Also, it is quite lighter than both.

Moving on to the user interface, the watch has a Today app, which will summarize you of the important stuff such as stats of the day, battery life, and the last three exercise sessions Versa tracked.

This fitness tracker is also capable of communicating by sending quick replies when paired with Android phones. You can connect with Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Messenger and choose from five customizable text responses and half a dozen emojis.

That’s enough talk on add on features. Let’s come down to the business.

And by business we mean, Activity monitoring and performance.

Activity Monitoring & Performance

Like rest of Fitbit wearables, the Versa is capable of automatic workout detection like running and cycling. But, if you are going to use it in a game of tennis or squash then you gotta wear it in the racquet hand.

When it comes to range of activities it is on par with most of Fitbit wearables. It can do running, hiking, walking, biking, tennis, swimming, weightlifting, spinning, yoga, circuit training, kickboxing, martial arts, and Pilates. It is a full waterproof device up to 50m so you can track your swimming without worries.

When you wear it on your wrist, everybody will be okay with being seen, which can’t be said for Iconic edgy design. A full waterproof activity tracker which will last for days and comes in standard watch straps.

We say, you can’t better than this in this price range. And now that Black Friday is near. You can even get it in a whole lot less.

When Fitbit Versa Black Friday 2018 Deals will be out?

We are keeping tables on Fitbit Versa black Friday deals, one the deals will be announced we will mention all ads on the same page right here. So, you better bookmark this page to come back later. Deals like this come and go. So, you better not forget this.

Once people find out about discount offers on Fitbit Versa, they will start looking into it. So, it would be wise to check period.

Fitbit Versa Video Review

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