Black Friday 2018 Christmas tree Deals and Sales

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, when are thy branches cheapest?

Well, if you are looking to find the answer then it is in front of you. And that answer is: Black Friday. It is the perfect time to shop everything. For many people in US, Black Friday is not just a day to score shopping deals; it’s also the official beginning of the Christmas season. During this shopping season, Christmas trees come at a discounted price. It is the right time to do the shopping for Christmas tree. But, you gotta be smart about this. According to some stats, it was found that demand and supply has made Christmas trees expensive during this time especially in the second week of November and even on Black Friday. But, during weekends after Thanksgiving, the trees become quite cheap to buy.

So, our opinion is not to rush into anything. The deals will be available, no doubt! But, you gotta be smart about this. Only then you can get a good-quality Christmas tree at a much discounted price. Plus, you need to give some thoughts to the type of Christmas tree you are looking for.

How to Pick the Right Christmas tree ever? – Black Friday Guide

  • First, you’ve to consider what kind of tree you want this Christmas? If you’ve have children at home then it would be better to pick pines or firs with soft needles instead of spruce trees. These soft needles are quite sharp and could hurt children while playing.
  • Once you decides, do a freshness test by bending a needle in half with your fingers, fresh firs should snap but fresh pines bend, not break!
  • Since you will be shopping for Christmas tree long before the Christmas so it would be smart to check if the needles are secure. For longevity check, gently grab the inside of a branch and pull your hand toward you. If a single needle falls then it is fine but if lots of fall then you should look for different tree.
  • Check for the size. You don’t want to end up paying for a tree which can’t pass the front door of your home.

Previous Year’s Christmas tree Deals – Black Friday

Last year, many departmental stores and online platforms offered great discounts on the Christmas trees on the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When you go through these deals you will realize that how advantageous it is to do Christmas tree shopping in this shopping season.

Last year, Target gave an additional offer of 15% off when anyone add any of the Christmas Trees to the cart on the event day only. People were succeed to grab the 6 ft. Pre-Lit Christmas Tree for only $35.69!

Even the Kohl’s had 50% off Christmas tree sale during the shopping season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On the other hand, the leading US-retailer Walmart carried the Holiday Time Pre-Lit 6.5 ft. Christmas tree with clear lights on sale for $39.00.

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