Black Friday 2016 Sales Stats & Analysis Report

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When somebody mention anything of Black Friday calls to mind images of best deals, huge discounts, long lines in stores, huge crowd, and online shoppers looking to get some coupon or deal on the year’s best products and goods. However, sales figures in online shopping and retail stores changed gradually in recent years.

People start searching for best deals and huge discount offers on quality good’s long before the thanksgiving. Not just that many big retailers and e-commerce companies start offering deals and discount coupons long before the main event. Turned out, now it is not a single biggest shopping day of the year, but a whole week which celebrated from thanksgiving to cyber Monday. Here, in this article, we will show you the sales stats of last year Black Friday shopping festival which increased and decreased in many aspects. This Black Friday 2016 Sales Stats will also show you how people took advantage of this shopping week to secure amazing deals and get required items at a better value.

Black Friday 2016 Sales Stats & Analysis Report

As we know that Black Friday shopping festival is not a single day event anymore. On the contrary, what follows are day-by-day breakdowns of the three biggest shopping days in US history.

Thanksgiving Day Report:

According to Adobe Digital Insight’s on this shopping sales events, many online e-commerce companies and Departmental store retailers spent a lot of money and started offering discounts and deals several days before Thanksgiving. The result, consumer’s spent $1.93 billion online in the U.S., which is an 11.5% increase compared to 2015 but fall a little short on Adobe Digital Insight’s $2.0 billion projection.

Overall, we can say people enjoyed Thanksgiving fully and did a lot of shopping on that day.

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Black Friday Stats in US

Day/Occasion Projected Sales Actual Sales YoY Growth
Thanksgiving $2.00 Billion $1.93 Billion 11.5%
Black Friday $3.05 Billion $3.34 Billion 21.6%
Cyber Monday $3.36 Billion $3.45 Billion 12.1%


Black Friday Stats in UK

Day 2015 Sales Stats 2016 Sales Stats YoY Growth
Black Friday 1.1 billion euros 1.23 billion euros 12.2%


Black Friday Report:

Black Friday 2016 breaks all records of online sales and Adobe Digital’s Projection of $3.05 billion by $300 million and made a record of $3.34 billion. These sales made a sustainable 21.6% growth over the previous year and most successful Black Friday to generate billion dollars in online sales & shopping from mobile devices.

In a report of Adobe, it was clear that $1.2 billion spent via mobile devices which were 33% more than 2015.

If you are not one of those who does shopping on Black Friday then think about it? Because a lot of people are taking benefits of this biggest shopping day.

Cyber Monday Report:

Like Black Friday, the same thing happened on Cyber Monday. Adobe Digital’s reports showed that Cyber Monday achieved a new record of $3.45 billion and 12.1 percent increase over the year 2015. On top of that, it is more than the Adobe’s prediction.

What can we learn from this?

Online Sales and shopping rapid growth year-by-year give tough competition to Brick and mortar chains who didn’t lose any large business. But, as compare to online retailers they don’t stand a chance in terms of gross sales on Black Friday shopping event. Black Friday 2016 Sales Stats report showed that e-commerce companies will continue to take revenue share away from brick and mortar stores on several occasions and holiday shopping.

So, you can also take full advantage by doing shopping on quality goods in Black Friday 2018 shopping season on your trusted Black Friday Coupon Store.

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