Black Friday Xbox One Elite Controller 2018 Deals and Sales

The real main event of Black Friday has come up close. It is just matter of days when the Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 will start appearing online. In the meantime, we will update this page for you so that you don’t need to wander around for every single product. Instead, you can bookmark this page and come back later to take the advantage of Black Friday 2018 Xbox One Elite controller deals and sales ads.

If you’re looking for best Black Friday deals on the Xbox One Elite controller then you’ve come to the right place.

We can say it is the best time to buy the elite controller by seeing its cost and the big benefits of Black Friday deals. With the deals on, you can have this controller at a much discounted price. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page to come back later. Because you may never know when you find the right bargain for yourself. Right?

So, let’s take a look at the review on Xbox One Elite Controller and see what’s this has to offer to the gamer out there.

Xbox One Elite Controller Review

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One Elite controller is the best gamepad Microsoft ever made. In doing so, it spent over million dollars in its designing and made out a gamepad worthy of playing Xbox games whichever you like. Also, a built-in projector is added to it. It is one of the reasons why this controller is so expensive as compared to the other Xbox controllers and other controllers available in the market.

Its uniqueness appears in the form of new slider control underneath at equally distant from the Menu and Options buttons. When you first start using it, in that moment you will notice that “this is the future of gamepads”.

The thing which we find very attractive in the Xbox One Elite controller is the clamshell case which it comes with. That clamshell will serve you better in travelling and gaming tournaments by securing spare four control levers, two set of thumbsticks and spare directional pad at one place in a molded rubber holder. Also for travelling, you have this clamshell as the savior of a cargo pouch for spare earbuds, batteries, and the pack-in.

Many gamers don’t feel like to use sticks on the Xbox One pad. That was quite a problem in the predecessors. But, with the Elite controller, gamers will have the option of choosing another three different sets – standard, tall and a pair of convex heads and facility to change them anytime.

If we take a look at the design and finish of Elite controller then unlike the standard controller, it doesn’t come with the rough edges. In fact the Xbox featured a soft rubber finish on most of its surface with more like a diamond-pattern grip where your palms can finally rest underneath.

It is not the hardware customization you are only getting but also an app which will allow you to rebind every button’s function. Beyond that there’s a lot of other custom settings available in the Elite controller.

In a nutshell, we can say that it is totally worth of every single penny. Also, it depends upon how much you play.


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