MaxCDN Black Friday 2018 Coupons and Sales [Cyber Monday]

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MaxCDN becomes most useful addon for the high traffic website. So we found MaxCDN Black Friday deals for you to save money. To get a maximum speed of any website need MaxCDN. MaxCDN is a content delivery network that speeds up your website by providing cached data from the nearest location of the user. MaxCDN managing more than 6 million websites online. From recent news, MaxCDN becomes a stack path company. So now you get better security for your data online.The most useful things for the online business is security.

MaxCDN Back Friday 2018 coupons or Deals

Last year MaxCDN give 3 months free on purchase of 1-year plan. This was the best deals for the MaxCDN customer. So let’s see this year how much discount they provide and how much you save? We have the latest deal from the MaxCDN channel. We will inform you as fast as possible via email or by updating this page. So keep looking back to this page or subscribe to this page to get any update about the new offers and deals on Black Friday.

   MaxCDN Black Friday deals

MaxCDN Coupon 25% Off

MaxCDN deals

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This deals will start from 24th November 2018 and end with Cyber Monday on 27th November 2018. So don’t miss the deal if you want a high-speed WordPress CDN service. Give a blazing speed to your website without investing more money in a whole year.

MaxCDN Solutions

  • Advertising CDN service: To make advertising faster they have a special plan to give blazing speed to the advertisers.
  • Digital Agency: Don’t waste the time of your customer to load images , infographics or videos. Upload them on MaxCDN and make then faster to get leads faster.
  • Hosting providers: The most desirable things for hosting provider to manage their server with high traffic website.Now this can be easier with MaxCDN.
  • Gaming CDN: Deliver a full speed gaming experience on your network.
  • Publisher: Make your website faster than ever.
  • Integration: Use CDN for any of website either that is popular CMS or your own.
  • Software distribution: Deliver large document in a second via MaxCDN.

MaxCDN Features

  • Worldwide Network to deliver content to the local server.
  • Control your network by yourself.
  • Real-time report on your MaxCDN Dashboard.
  • Better analytic to find your Raw logs.
  • 2-Step Authentication to secure your account.
  • 24/7 Support from well-trained engineers team.
  • Control your content on MaxCDN with the ruling of CDN edge server.
  • Origin Shield- Protect your origin server from request overload with this mid-tier caching layer.
  • REST API- Integrate your user’s zones & resources.
  • SSL- Secure your visitors with SSL.
  • 100% SSD servers.


Get better results from MaxCDN. They build it for you and give full access to their server. Buy testing service on basis of monthly charge and use it if you get benefits.

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