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QLIPP is the ultimate tennis performance sensor. It measures every part of your stroke, analyzing the spin, speed and sweet spot accuracy of each shot– designed to improve your game with the most advanced analytics possible.And it can even wirelessly team with your smartphone to shoot video of your stroke. After each volley, you’ll gain insight into your stroke. And after each practice, you’ll know how to get better. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced tennis player, QLIPP was made for you.Using QLIPP’s advanced wearable tracking technology, you can pinpoint the exact ways to develop your game. QLIPP can unlock your tennis potential, and it’s so easy to use.

Simply clip and play

QLIPP is the lightest tennis sensor on market. With our registered twist and lock design, QLIPP attaches directly to the string of any tennis racquet, providing more accurate stroke analysis. At 8g, it will be your lightest but most important piece of gear.


Analyze every single stroke

Push past your limits and create new personal records. Record and evaluate all your strokes based on stamina, consistency, heaviness and more. Providing you with stroke by stroke analysis, unleash your fullest potential by refining your techniques, harnessing the greater power and hitting more sweet spots than ever before.

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Hit that sweet spot

With our sweet spot heat map, keep track of how close you are to hitting that perfect spot. Improve the accuracy of your strokes by knowing exactly the point of contact of the ball with your racquet. The detailed analysis that accompanies each stroke ensures that you are never too far away from reaching your goals.

Video Mode

Become a better player by knowing yourself better. See yourself from a new perspective through our video playback so that you will always be better than before. With slow-motion playback, you are now able to correct your posture to create that perfect stroke. You can now even easily share your videos along with all its data anywhere you want, anytime.

Serve Mode

Analyze every aspect of your serve in detail. Scrutinize your serve by breaking down the time duration of your racquet preparation, racquet acceleration and corresponding follow through. Then compare your stats against QLIPPTM recommended timings to see how your serve, serves up to professionals players. *Available on Android & iOS.

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